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About Us

MULTIPLE PARTITIONS AN UNIT OF MULTIPLE DESIGN is a professional company with an combined experience of over 10 years in the field of manufacturing and distribution of operable acoustic sliding and folding partitions, movable walls, movable partitions, sliding walls, sliding partitions & glass operable walls in India.

We distribute and manufacture acoustic sliding folding partition for clients ranging from hotels, corporate offices, institutions, learning centres to hospitals and many such organizations across India.

Our Technical expertise in designing draws on our skill, knowledge and experience to find the right solution for design professionals and our esteemed clients.

Selecting specialist manufacturers to produce systems to exacting standards is the key to successful execution of any project. This is what is exactly done at "MULTIPLE PARTITIONS".

Our core work areas are Movable Wall Partitions India, Movable Walls, Movable wall partitions, Acoustic Sliding folding partition india, acoustic sliding folding partition, glass operable walls, glass operable wall partitions india, glass operable wall partitions, movable partitions india, movable partitions, sliding folding parition, wall partitions, wall partitions india, Sliding walls, sliding partitions.